Professor Chernosvitov Eugene Vasilyevich

Head of the department, consulting psychiatrist, psychotherapist, founder of SOCIAL MEDICINE and SOCIAL JURISPRUDENCE in Russia


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01st December 2011

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26th September 2011

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1 Eugene Vasilievich Chernosvitov is the disciple of I.B. Galant, professor of psychiatry (Zurich, Khabarovsk) and of Jacque Lacan (Paris), both philosopher and psychoanalyst. The descendant of Rafail Alexandrovich Chernosvitov, famous revolutionary - petrachevitch and princes Ukhtomskij - academician Аlexey Alexeevich and the confessor Аndrey Ufimskiy, patriarch of the underground Church in USSR. The professor, Ph.D., M.D. The head of the faculty of social medicine in the Moscow State Social University, consulting psychiatrist of medical institutions in Moscow. The practical experience of medical activity by the doctor – psychiatrist and psychotherapist - 25 years. The international expert of criminology council (Luebeck, Germany) and an also expert of social medicine of the Catholic Academy (Stuttgart, Germany). A scientist and a writer. An author of more than 200 scientific materials, philosophical proceedings and fiction (among them: «Sociology and psychology of a scientist's, a politician's and a criminal's personality», Moscow, ISN A.S. USSR, 1980 «Psychology and psychopathology of consciousness». Tbilisi, 1985, «Neurosis-like state during different somatic deseases», Tbilisi, 1984 «To pass along the edge» - philosophical essay about V.M. Shukshin, «Isidora Duncan and Sergey Esenin» - psychological and criminological research of life, works and deaths I. Duncan and S. Esenin, documentary-fiction narrative «Acathistus to Grigoriy Rasputin» - about the downfall of the Russian empire etc.) Last activities: the articles «Nietzsche, Rilke and Russia» ("«Edges", № 185, 1998 and «The Romantic of the Orthodoxy. About Andrey Ufimskiy. The patriarch of an underground Church - prince Аlexander Alexeevich Ukhtomskiy» (together with М. A. Chernosvitova. There, №188); A textbook for Higher Schools «Social medicine». M. 2000. A book of stories «101 kilometer. From the last years of L.I. Brejnev government up to the last years of B.N. Eltsin government». In 1989 the movie «The dead's are more» had been made from one of the books.

Now works on the monographies «Psychosomatic stigma» and «The Formula of death» (there is a sequence of previously published scientific and popular-scientific articles on these subjects in the leading newspapers and magazines in the homeland and abroad. Appears on radio and television broadcast.

Marina Alfredovna Chernosvitova, journalist and historian.
An author of the books: «A duel and death of A.S. Pushkin» М., 1991, «We and petraschevci». М., 1992, «Lunin and Volkonskaya» М., 1992, a set of the articles. Now works on the monography «Life and activity of Nicolay Nikolaevich Muraviev-Amurskiy». 


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