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Head of the department, consulting psychiatrist, psychotherapist, founder of SOCIAL MEDICINE and SOCIAL JURISPRUDENCE in Russia


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    You buy the automobile either washing machine, or refrigeration cabinet. In the accompanying documents guarantee period, deadline and service regulations is necessarily indicated. Something similar and with our organism - body. For the first time idea of the man - machine has stated, as is known French doctor and philosopher Julien Offray de La Mettrie, in the anonymous composition he has published which one it in Holland «Man "- machine" (1747; Russian translation has appeared in 1911). Here there is no necessity to analyze this transactions de La Mettrie, it is enough to point his idea.



Namely this idea logically results in thought, that the days of each man, in precise sense of a word, are considered. "«Body" of the man, with what it would obey to composite mechanics, too has the warranty period and operation life (all this we receive by right of succession, as a part of the gene-program from the descendants: not only heritable illnesses or inclinations and capacities, but also term of habitability). The reserves of an organism and vital energy (inherent « accumulators of life) - not of fiction, are more than that, they be able to mathematical processing and numeration, which one results us in the formula of death: everyone has in life the term and it can be computed.

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