Professor Chernosvitov Eugene Vasilyevich

Head of the department, consulting psychiatrist, psychotherapist, founder of SOCIAL MEDICINE and SOCIAL JURISPRUDENCE in Russia


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Institute of Philisophy, Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences



Ekaterina Alexandrovna Samoylova





Scientific consultants:

Eugene A. Vertlib, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Sociology and Political Science (France).

Srboljub Zivanovic, Academician, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy and Medicine (Great Britain).

Eugene E. Chernosvitov, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy and Medicine (Russia).

To my unforgettable teacher, a prominent Soviet sociologist, Academician, Igor Semenovich Kon dedicate.

Subjects: penitentiary sociology and penitentiary psychology

Structure –


Chapter 1. Domestic violence.

Chapter 2. “Semja” ("Family") - the violence.




Key phrases, phrases, words:

Chapter 1. Family - a social unit. Bastardization, imbrinding, incest, deviance, perversion.

Chapter 2. “Semja” ("Family") - gang-formation (bandformirovanie), the gang of lawyers (bandy zakonnikov), werewolves in epaulettes (oborotni v pagonah) - (Russianisms), criminal jurisprudence, penitentiary, delinquency.

The conceptual "field": Plato. De Montaigne. Montesquieu. Heinrich Kramer and James Sprenger. Spinoza. Saint-Simon. Gustave Le Bon. Gabriel Tarde. Schopenhauer. Leybnits.Karl Marx. Friedrich Engels. Lenin. Francis Galton. Dostoevsky, Hitler. Winston Churchill.

From the Thesaurus:

Genealogy: blood, blat (pull), blud (fornication), bljad’ (whore).

For Chapter 1. Published in magazine “Sovremenoe pravo”, №№ 4-5, 2008, “The Formula of death: incest, inbreeding, bastardization - the stigma of death”, “The Formula of death: incest, inbreeding, bastardization - the stigma of death (continuance)”.


The scientific team of the monograph in the president's hotel.





The Ekaterina Samoylova, Marina Chernosvitova with Academic Srboljub Zivanovic at the V International Conference on Jasenovac.



Academician Srboljub Zivanovic - President of the International Commission for Establishing Truth on Jasenovac, the chairman of V International Conference on Jasenovac. Ekaterina Samoylova in the Presidium.




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