Professor Chernosvitov Eugene Vasilyevich

Head of the department, consulting psychiatrist, psychotherapist, founder of SOCIAL MEDICINE and SOCIAL JURISPRUDENCE in Russia


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    Chernosvitova Marina Alfredovna - An author of the books: «The duel and death of A.S. Pushkin» М., 1991, «We and petrashevci». М., 1992, «Lunin and  Volkonskaya» М., 1992, a set of articles. Now works on the monography «Life and activity of Nikolay Nikolaevich Muraviev-Amurskiy».

Offers to publishers a three-volume book of the stories called «101 kilometers». In 1 volume the stories of miscellaneous years (1959 - 1989 years are collected.). Some of these stories were published. Under the story "«Devilish" the film is removed. Recalls about the stories: «Russian Borges», « Russian Hitchcock ».

   In 2 volume - the stories continuing tradition «Russian countryside writers», are conducted on behalf of the hero of the stories, hunter Victora Biruli. The operatings of the stories take place in a settlement "Zavidovo", which one is in several kilometers from Presidential Giving, today.

   In 3 volume -


   Chernosvitov Evgeniy Vasilievich - known Russian writer. The writer of the books: «Akathist to Grigoriy Rasputin», «Duncan and Esenin», «To pass on an edge: Vasiliy Makarovich Shukshin. Thoughts about life, death both immortality» and set of the stories, and articles.

   In "«Edges" his literary activities were published: « Rilke, Nietzche and Russia » and «Last romantic of the Orthodoxy. The father Аndjey Ufimskiy».
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