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Hundred maiden kilometers


    The stories written in Zavidovo to the Tver area, from last days of board Leonida Bregneva, about last days of board Borisa Elcina; in 6 kilometers from Government giving. For hundred maiden kilometers banished the thieves, gangsters who have stayed the term in places not so distant, prostitutes, parasites, and in general everyone аsocial a member earlier. There, from times of legendary hunting Lenin (behind exception only of Steel), there is also Government giving. A road to her and the bridge has constructed Nikita Khruchev. There, the known historical persons stayed with the Soviet Government: De Gaulle, the Gundy, Helmut Kohl and some other... At one time there, in neighborhoods, the outstanding Austrian poet Rilke fermented, listening verses of the Russian national poet Spiridon Droggin. It is a lot of the nowadays dwelling high officials or terms of their families in neighborhoods Zavidovo have constructed to itself givings. For example, Viktor Chernomirdin. There giving of the known singer Vikki Ziganova, under the banner saint Andjey (about which one she is ripe the fine song which has made her famous)... My giving also in Zavidovo.
   All characters of these stories, and also history, with them happened - fetus of my imagination. Therefore, any looking alike ever dwelling or nowadays livings, by the substantial people, can be only purest contingency.

Marina Chernosvitova




Krasnaja Gorka. Zavidovo. 2009

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