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 Из переписки с C. Живановичем

 От:      S ZIVANOVIC <zivanovic@btinternet.com>

Дата:   22 января 2007 г. 14:51

Кому:  Евгений Черносвитов chernosv@deol.ru

Тема:  Replay

Dear Evgeniy,
I received your leter and Journal and thank you very much for it. I am now all right. I had a cataract operation because I was practicaly blingd. Now I can see and work again.The operation was done in Belgrade and I stayed there 6 weeks.
      I would realy like to participate in examination of skeletal remains of Sergey Esenin. I have several books on Esenin and I am going to study them. I never thought that he killed himself by hanging. I am sure that we shall find the true couse of his death.
      Britanskoje otdelenije MSA elected Ekaterina Alexandrovna Samoylova to be a member of the British and Irish Branch of the International Slavonic Academy. I sent her letters informing her and congratulating her. Please help her to find Iskakov, give him my kletter and obtain her Diploma.
       I do not have any special information on Marija Vecera and Rudolf, but I have heard that they were killed probably by the order of the Austrio-Hungarian Court when they were in Majerling. I never thought that it was a suicide.
Many kindest redgards to Marina and Oksana,
Yours sincerely

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